Professional Services (PSG)

TriumphSys is very proud of its track-record of providing professional services to all the IT vendors and many end-user organizations in India and abroad. Over 17 years, TriumphSys has walked every step of the way with its clients, from the frenzied days of Y2K and Dot Com booms to the busts of 2001, 2005 and the global economic crisis of 2008-09.

TriumphSys learned two fundamental values the customer cares for (whether stated explicitly or not), that of SCALABILITY and PRODUCTIVITY.

Customers need to scale up and down quickly in the fiercely competitive and demanding world of today. They want a 50 person seed team with a very difficult skill set to be set up in 2 weeks, take it to 500 people over six months and wind it down to 20 or 40 support people for the next 12 to 18 months. If this is not challenging enough, our customer’s customer faces his own business challenges and at times, cancels or freezes projects mid-way thru and expands them without notice and our customers have to scramble to manage such scenarios.

Second thing our customers wanted was a continual improvement in productivity of their teams (whether their own employees or contractors) as their project profitability is closely tied to the team’s productivity. TriumphSys offers many value-added features such as T&D (Train and Deploy), OJT (On-the-job-training), CTH (Contract-to-hire), CTU (Cross-training-upgrade) and other methods to meet customer’s productivity goals.

With an adept team of HR and recruiting professionals, access to a proprietary database as well as industry sources and an agile and committed management, TriumphSys offers one of the best Professional Services platform in the industry and over 2,000 professional services assignments over past 17 years are a testimony to the quality and commitment we have delivered to the market.

TriumphSys Professional Services Group works with all other TriumphSys practices to source, train, deliver and manage technology professionals across a wide spectrum of platforms. With in-house training and mentoring capabilities in a multitude of hard skills as well as soft skills, we ensure that our customers get value from each consultant they hire from us and continue to repose their trust in us.

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