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About Us

Welcome to TriumphSys, the IT 2.0 Company.

We bring over 23 years of combined experience of various technologies in everything we do for you. With 120+ employees and over 50 active clients globally, we are smack in the middle of many exciting things. We help our customers translate their vision into reality via technology systems that differentiate them from their competitors, help them delight their customers and continually reduce their cost of running their business.

We measure our performance by asking two questions of ourselves every day – did we make our customer more scalable today? And did we make our customer more productive today?

We offer industry-leading professional services, training & certification & infrastructure services. We are proud to count the global who’s who as our customers. Our training and certification practice brings unmatched breadth and depth of training, train-and-deploy, train-and-mentor models as well as certification via our partnership with Pearson.

Our Advanced Services groups bring a matrix of skills to meet the most varied demands of our customers. We do portals (Joomla, Liferay, Sharepoint), databases and datawarehouses (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase), architecture, security and technical support as well as .net and java development.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us today, hope you find what you were looking for. Do take a moment to ‘contact us’ and we will share our excitement with you.