Enterprise Datawarehousing (EDW)

As enterprise applications proliferate, organizations are generating and storing ever-more quantities of data that begs to be put to useful purposes. The lessons this data holds for the organization are immense. They can tell the organization what worked and what did not, what generated profit and what was loss-making, what product mix gave them the maximum market share and what flavor and tastes their consumers liked or disliked. These insights are crucial for the continued success of the business and they are all to be gleaned from the humble transactions you have stored and processed over the years.

The challenge is converting your humble transactions into a powerhouse of insights that can guide your business’s future. Well, over the millions of invoices that you raised over the past 15 years, you have all the data to show how your regional markets grew or shrank, how you performed vis-à-vis competitors, which products sold more, in what seasons, in what packaging, with what promotion and pricing and any other insight you can dream of. But this information lies scattered across multiple applications and systems as your IT evolved and changed, part of it is systems of companies you acquired, part of it purchased from market research companies. It also needs to be compared with other information such as collections, market growth, changing market dynamics that may or may not be available in transactions.

Extract, Transform & Load
This is why the Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) phase of datawarehousing is considered to be the crucial phase where you need to bring superior business analysis and technology skills together. TriumphSys, having executed multiple DWH projects over the years, brings a lot of experience and expertise to the process of architecting your ETL layer, extracting from multiple sources and massaging it into an acceptable format and accuracy, staging schemas, selection of right technology platforms to meet your specific needs, denormalization of your data to balance flexibility and efficiency. TriumphSys skills include developing complex data extraction and integration orchestration using WebSphere Information Server , Informatica, Ab-initio, Datastage, SSIS as well as building custom extraction engines to meet specific, unique data situations.

TriumphSys creates a datawarehouse that empowers the customer with scalable reporting via cubes, adhoc and on-the-fly querying and reporting and ability to enhance the data sources and content as the business dynamics change. We build warehouses using Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Teradata platforms.

Warehouse based reporting
Having built a flexible and efficient datawarehouse is half of the challenge. The next is exploiting the datawarehouse to provide flexible, scalable and easy reporting to meet different stakeholder needs. With our expertise in defining cubes, dimensions and layers, we help our customers extract the most value from their investments in DWH.

TriumphSys maintains current skills in the following DWH reporting technologies like BusinessObjects, Cognos, Microstrategy, Actuate, SSRS etc.

With a sharp focus on the constantly evolving field of DWH technologies as well as building business and domain expertise, we provide end-to-end architecture, development, deployment and maintenance services to our customers to help them exploit the DWH capabilities to the fullest in taking their business to the next level.

Contact : edw@triumphsys.com