Enterprise Architecture Services (EAS)

Enterprise architecture is clearly the biggest challenge CTOs and CIOs worldwide face. While most organizations’ IT evolved over time and thus, do not have a formal architecture in place, even organizations that made efforts to develop a robust architecture are stymied by the business dynamics of changing business models, emergence of disruptive technologies, mergers and acquisitions, closure of business units and lines and many other factors that impact the business architecture every day and technology architecture is nothing but a reflection of the business architecture.

While the business architecture changes frequently and at times, in a disruptive manner, technology architecture has been lagging behind in terms of robustness, resilience, flexibility, longevity and security to name a few critical parameters. TriumphSys senior managers are on the Architecture Review boards of major financial services, retail and hospitality corporations in India, Switzerland, UK and the USA.

TriumphSys has worked extensively in the field of technology architecture from creating blue-prints to assessing current architecture to recommend enhancements, meet regulatory and audit goals to executing remediation projects. TriumphSys skills cover both network architecture and application architecture spectrums.

TriumphSys has developed a patent-pending architecture framework, Secure Architecture Framework for Enterprises(SAFE) that is available as a model to organizations wishing to adopt architecture best-practices.

Our customers have experienced the business value our architecture services have delivered to them in terms of business efficiency, process improvement, security, flexibility, quantum jump in uptime and performance as well as reduction in maintenance costs. TriumphSys performs an intense phase of work initially to study existing architecture (implicit or explicit), challenges and risks, goals and needs to help you define a new architecture road-map. Once it is mutually agreed, some prioritized steps may be executed to reach a secure posture on an accelerated basis and then we recommend constitution of an Architecture Board as a good governance practice) that has customer as well TriumphSys senior managers. This board has an explicit charter, authority to approve or reject (architecture-critical) projects and generally enforce steps to maintain architectural integrity of the IT organization.

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