Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

TriumphSys has consistently maintained a very strong focus on project management as a key to delivering agreed business benefits to the customer. TriumphSys has trained thousands of students and professionals in project management over the years.

TriumphSys EPM practice consists of the following solutions:

  1. PMO Services - Define and build a Project Management Office (PMO) to support the organization’s stated objectives in project management. Using our proven expertise, we build the required linkages in Portfolio management, Program Management and Project Management as well as establish the stakeholder structure of sponsors, owners, managers and beneficiaries to ensure that project process is transparent and delivers on agreed benefits in the agreed framework of time, costs and quality parameters.

  2. Consulting PMs - Providing  organizations with experienced Project Managers to help them with their sudden surge in project work that current team cannot cope with. Our Project Managers can embed into your teams and run the projects as your own employees would and you can also use them to mentor your project and team leaders to improve your own bandwidth.

  3. Training your teams – We have the expertise, credentials and faculty to train your employees in project management. This training will also enhance their careers.

  4. PMO in the cloud – TriumphSys is building a unique service platform that provide you with a state-of-the-art PMO that is continually updated with the latest practices and you do not need to invest in building your own infrastructure and hiring expensive managers. This subscription model will be available in two modes, namely, self-service and managed. In the self-service mode, you manage all your project templates, data and reporting using our offering and in the managed mode, we hand-hold your people to plan and input project details and supervise the data for quality, accuracy, conflicts to assess the work your people are doing, mentor them to do it with better quality and accuracy, escalate to your senior managers when we see potential problems of scheduling, cost overruns or quality and provide a status dashboard to your executives from CEO to CFO to Project owners. Thus you always know how your teams are performing, are you at risk in any project, are you losing money in any project and other crucial controls for managing your environment.

Processes run an organization and projects change them and hence, the importance of projects cannot e over-emphasized. With nearly 70% of projects either underperforming (delivering less than promised or costing more than envisaged or both) or failing outright, project management is the Achilles’ heel of all organizations and TriumphSys is strongly committed to helping organizations improve their project returns and business benefits.

Contact : epm@triumphsys.com