Corporate Training & Development (CTD)

TriumphSys has been privileged to help shape the career of tens of thousands of IT professionals over the years. Our clients range from very large global IT vendors to boutique start-ups with niche requirements to end-user organizations from financial services, retail, manufacturing and other sectors that need to enhance their skill-sets to stay ahead of the curve.

TriumphSys provides an infrastructure of more than 50 training rooms and laboratories in Mumbai and Pune and is continually adding facilities. Many large organizations utilize our venue on long-term basis to put their batches of trainees or mid-level staff thru their paces before they are deployed to production environment or to their next assignments.

Our faculty pool consists of over 100 top-notch professionals encompassing a wide spectrum of technology areas, soft skills such as communication, presentation, RFP responses and evaluation, Customer service as well as specialist areas such as Project Management, IT security, software testing and Architecture reviews.

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